Nationwide delivery available!
Nationwide delivery available!

Fish Pricing

Delivery is available for all fish orders - a small per-mile charge is applied to cover fuel and oxygen costs. All of our live-fish deliveries are covered by our UK Home Office Fish Transport Permit. For delivery quotes and large order deals, see our Contact Us page.


Collection of fish is also welcome - we can supply fish transport bags free of charge and we are open 7 days a week (with prior arrangement).


For more pictures of our fish, visit the Carp Gallery page.


All prices listed are excluding VAT. 

C2 Carp:


Our C2 carp generally range from 12oz to 1.5lbs. These fish are ideal for stock ponds, match fisheries and as additional future stock to larger waters. These fish are very popular, and we recommend ordering well in advance.


Price: £5/lb

C3 Carp:


Our C3 carp range from 3-6lbs. Our C3 carp are the perfect boost to an established fishery, providing the lake with a fresh stock of fast growing fish which will be the next generation of big girls.


Price: £8/lb

C4 Carp:


Our C4 carp range from 7-12lbs. These carp make a great addition to specimen carp waters who are looking to ensure they have a new wave of big fish coming through. We also sell a lot of these carp as "target fish" to smaller lakes - often being hand-picked for unique scale patterns and markings.


Price: £12/lb

C5 Carp:


Our C5 carp range from 12-16lbs. These fish are some of our proudest residents, with every single fish having been hand-picked and carefully grown over 5 summers. We welcome you to come down to the farm and hand-pick every fish for your lake.


Price: £18/lb

C6 Carp:


Our C6 carp range from 18-24lbs. These big girls really are the cream of the crop. After being grown for 6 summers, these fish are a perfect addition to an established big-fish water. Some of our previously stocked C6 carp are now mid-thirties, and show no signs of slowing down!


Price: £32/lb



We currently have a limited amount of 2-4" tench, which have been ongrown from fry in our rich earth ponds. We also have fry available for sale - please contact us for prices and availability. 


Price: £1.50/2-4"fish

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