Nationwide delivery available!
Nationwide delivery available!

Paperwork and Consent

As with most things these days, the completion of certain paperwork and applications is required before fish can legally be stocked into a fishery.


As a fishery/lake owner, you will need to hold 2 documents in order for us to stock your waters (please note that garden ponds less than 1 acre in size are exempt from any paperwork).


CEFAS Fishery Registration


Firstly, your fishery will need to be registered with CEFAS - this is so the government body can keep a database of all UK fisheries, and any events or incidents which may happen can be traced back to the responsible party.


If you have not already registered your fishery, you can do so by clicking the link below:

CEFAS Fishery Registration Form



Environment Agency Site Permit


Secondly, your fishery must hold a current EA Site Permit - this permit is an agreement between you and the EA, and will detail which fish species can be stocked into your lake, which we will request from you prior to the completion of a fish order. This, coupled with our Supplier Permit, means we can stock fish into your fishery without any need to contact the EA (unless your site is designated as high risk, such as in a floodplain or an SSSI site).


If you do not currently hold a Site Permit, all details for obtaining one can be found below:

Environment Agency Fish Movement Policies



What do we have?


As a registered fish supplier, Avon Valley Carp holds:


- a Environment Agency Supplier Permit which allows us to stock all coarse fish into fisheries with Site Permits

- a Home Office Transport Permit which allows us to legally transport and deliver fish

- a EA Health Check Certification which means our fish have been health checked by a ceritfied fish biologist.


If you have any questions or queries regarding paperwork with your fishery, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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