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About us

Over 30 years ago, in 1983, Mark Heaven and his father Richard designed and built Britford Trout Farm - a table market farm supplying high quality Rainbow Trout to UK supermarkets and processors; to this day the farm continues to produce several hundred tonnes of trout every year. In 2008 Mark and his son Jack decided to branch out into carp farming, utilising the space on the farm to create 5 large earth ponds as well as a large hatchery. A selection of cracking Leney (Galician), Sutton-at-Hone and Dink (Dinkelsbuehl) broodstock were hand-chosen, and the rest is history!    


The broodstock were hand-stripped, and the resulting fry carefully nurtured and hand-picked to produce several thousand beautiful carp. These fish were grown in the rich earth ponds for a couple of years, laying the foundations to the farm we have today. We soon found that, by allowing the carp to spawn naturally in the earth ponds, only the fittest and fastest-growing fish survive - meaning our fish are extremely hardy and display exceptional growth rates. By removing the young carp after a year in the earth ponds, we are able to hand-pick the best ones to grow on to larger sizes, in full confidence that they are the cream of the crop! At Avon Valley Carp we dont believe in producing football-shaped "clone" fish that all look the same, we take immense pride in the incredible scale patterns and colourations we achieve with our fish. 


Fast forward to present day, and we have expanded significantly, with another 12 new ponds being built in 2018, and a huge and broad-ranging portfolio of happy customers - from the famous Roach Pit in Ringwood to a huge aquaponic system in Central London to a golf complex in Sheffield! Thousands and thousands of Avon Valley Carp are swimming in lakes, ponds and fish tanks across the UK, and we are proud of our reputation for producing unique, stunning carp. Our fish are widely recognised and admired for their incredible scale patterns and several of our fish in Roach Pit and other day ticket waters have become "named fish" for this very reason. 


The future is looking bright, as the carp fishing industry continues to boom, and more and more of our fish are being caught and are popping up across social media and angling publications. Our motto and values will always remain the same - producing unique, fast-growing fish that we are proud to put our names to. 

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